Posted by: mcdf | November 19, 2012

UDONDI – The Chakma Youth Fest

AS new generation Chakma Youths march ahead with regained confident and vigour, new challenges are being encountered in different ways and forms and from different directions. MCDF believes the best of our Chakmas are yet to be tapped & capitalized. Therefore, it is important to NURTURE, CULTIVATE and HARVEST our new found Confident, Unity and Capabilities. The Chakma UNITY in Solidarity and Action has never been better than what it is today in the History of Chakmas. Specially Chakmas in India, Mizoram Chakmas and Arunacahal Chakmas are still anxious to know the implementation of Changma Agorh (Chakma Script) in Tripura so that future generation Tripura Chakmas grow up with Chakma Nationalism and PRide to claim their rightful place in the world, and so Mizoram & Arunachal Chakmas can learn from Tripura Chakmas challenges & success, Tripura Chakmas and Mizoram Chakmas have been supporting Arunachal Chakmas citizenship fight both financially and morally, Arunachal Chakmas and Tripura Chakmas are equally concerned about the Mizoram Chakma issues and institutional discrimination. Well these are just few examples of Unity and Cooperation among many historic United actions and yet we have just scratched the surface of WHAT IS POSSIBLE TOGETHER!
As “MCDF”, “MCDF Pogodang” & “The Chakma Voice” completes 3 yrs of relentless & dedicated community service and in the wake of constant challenges to remain United and March ahead with confident, MCDF calls upon all the Chakma Youths, Students, Intellectuals, Community Comrades, Extraordinary and Ordinary Chakmas to join MCDF to Celebrate and Discuss at “UDONDI – The Chakma Youth Fest”.

For Details: UDONDI – The Chakma Youth Fest



  1. Great to hear about UDONDI. I wish I don’t have exams then I could participate too. Wish UDONDI be successful. [V]

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