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UDONDI – The Chakma Youth Fest


                                                          The Chakma Youth Fest

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MCDF in Association with other Chakma civil society organizations is organizing the first ever “UDONDI – The Chakma Youth Fest” on 11th, 12th & 13th Jan 2013 at Borapansury and Kamala Nagar, CADC, Mizoram.


OBJECTIVE: The primary objective of this “UDONDIThe Chakma Youth Fest is to understand the Chakmas better as a community. Not only the outside world should know about the Chakmas, the Chakmas must first themselves be aware about their glorious past, the hardships of the present and the challenges which lie ahead in the days to come. The Chakma society is at the crossroads now. With new challenges in all fronts, Chakmas must know how to overcome these multi-faceted challenges, and prepare for the future.


11th Jan 2013:

■       UDONDI Dumur from Borapansury to Kamalanagar (Jireni & Refreshment points at Bui Sek, Montola, Mastor Para). The objective is to encourage sports, Encourage unity in tough times, know more about your own people and your own country (Chakma Land) within Mizoram.

12th Jan 2013:

■       JONO Temmang – will invite political Leaders from both position & opposition parties and Intellectuals for a Public debate on issues of importance for the Community. Will hear their Past & Present Actions & Future Vision for the community. Their specific ideas to resolve Challenges being faced by the community. Public questions will be encouraged. Time & Topics for debate will be moderated.

■       FELICITATION/RECOGNITION: UDONDI Nizeni  2012 (Categories – Extraordinary Contribution/Founders of CADC, Academic, Sports, Community Service, Career, Drama/Entertainment)

■       Cultural & Miscellaneous

13th Jan 2013:

■       DUOR BANNE Temmang – Among NGO Leaders, Student Leaders, Social Leaders and Intellectuals.

■       Social Work – Tree Planting & Street Cleaning drives

14th Jan 2013: Workshop for NGOs and Social Workers/Activists on RTI (Right to Information), RTE (Right To Education), Fundamental Rights.


MCDF in association with YCA, MCSU, Mahila Samittee

Representing Organizations: BVSA, MAADI, TCSA, CSU Shillong, GCSU, KCSA, MCA, BCSA, HCSA, Parva Sporting Club and others.



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