Posted by: mcdf | January 11, 2013

The Chakma Voice – Global Edition 2012 released

11th January 2013: Today MCDF released its “The Chakma Voice – Global Edition 2012”.

This Special Issue has messages from prominent leaders, MCDF’s roles, activities & achievements; articles on Chakma history, culture and heritage, including Sneha Kumar Chakma’s contribution to Indian freedom struggle: an unknown chapter; articles by intellectuals; activities of various students organizations; and News in Brief.

Read online: The Chakma Voice-Global Edition 2012

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  1. Thank you!! I wish to a long live to MCDF also to JMWF i feel proudness in me for being a chakma as my brothers or so much active and working couragely i wish i would follow the foodsteps……..

  2. Nice wordPress..keep writing
    keep sharing fact information of MCDF..

  3. i am very wihsing to know more about chakma and shneha kumar chakma why did his contribution to india freedom struggle remain unknown chapter as he did some work for freedom of india?

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