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The Mizoram Chakma Development Forum (MCDF) publishes a bi-monthly newsletter called “The Chakma Voice” (available in both online and print editions) to highlight the problems faced by Chakmas as well as their hopes, aspirations and achievements for the global audience. This is the only printed English newsletter/magazine dealing exclusively on the Chakma issues.

The main aim is to create awareness about the Chakmas’ problems in Mizoram state of India and to try to find a solution to these problems.

Secondly, The Chakma Voice also aspires to be the bridge between the Chakmas of Mizoram and the Chakmas residing in the rest of the world.

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New: Read special issue, “The Chakma Voice – Global Edition 2012”:

Released on 11th January 2013: This Special Issue has messages from prominent leaders, MCDF’s roles, activities & achievements; articles on Chakma history, culture and heritage, including Sneha Kumar Chakma’s contribution to Indian freedom struggle: an unknown chapter; articles by intellectuals; activities of various students organizations; and News in Brief.

Read online: The Chakma Voice-Global Edition 2012

Previous issues of “Global Edition” series:

>> 2011:  The Chakma Voice-Global Edition2011

>> 2010The Chakma Voice-global edition2010


>> “The Chakma Voice”, July 2012 issue is now available online. Read it here: Chakma Voice-JULY 2012

>> 24 April, 2012: The Chakma Voice- Global Edition 2011   is finally released online today.

This Issue provides several interesting facts on the “Chakmas”, a community less known and discovered. It contains, among others, Chakmas’ history, customs and culture, unknown facts about Dangu Baneshwar Chakma, a freedom fighter of India who is still surviving albeit unknown and uncared for, MCDF’s activities, activities of various Chakma students associations across India, and untapped talents of the Chakma youths.

Read : The Chakma Voice-Global Edition2011

>> The Chakma Voice, March-April 2011 Issue

>> Annual Global Issue, 2010

Read: The Chakma Voice-global edition2010

Excerpts from the Editorial: “The world knows the Chakmas for their sufferings. Yet, it is not the complete story. What went unnoticed are the golden qualities they possess: an indomitable spirit and resilience. Across the world, Chakmas have achieved highly in various fields but these achievements have hitherto remained unknown to the world and even to Chakmas themselves. For example, how many Chakmas in Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh villages know that Chakma Raja was recently elected to represent Asia in the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues or that a Chakma heads a prestigious university in Canada? Or for that matter, how many of us in Bangladesh or India know that a Chakma scientist/doctor in India is a United Nations expert in Fluorosis and received certificate of excellence in medical research from USA? The fact that a Chakma diplomat entered the Indian Foreign Service way back in 1959 is ample evidence that Chakmas were way ahead of many others. In Bangladesh, a Chakma diplomat retired as country’s ambassador and two others are Bangladesh’s current ambassadors. As we go to the print, Mrs Chandra Roy-Henriksen (the Chakma princess) has taken over as the Chief of the Secretariat of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Hence, our story is not only of sufferings but also of glory. But the neglect of our rich past and ignorance about our present glories has let the Chakmas down as a community.”

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