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Guidelines for Community Health Centre

GUIDELINES for Community Health Centre by MOHFW


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Borapansury PHC campaign banner in Kamala Nagar

MCDF has launched a mass campaign for activation of the Borapansury PHC lying defunct for the last 20 years.

As part of this campaign, public awareness is being raised through banner and distribution of pamphlets. Here a banner is seen at the heart of Kamala Nagar, headquarter of Chakma Autonomous District Council, Mizoram.

The banner reads: “Is this a PHC or an empty building?” referring to the empty Borapansury primary health centre, and calls upon the Mizoram govt to immediately make the health centre functional.

MizoNews: “Chakma Forum tells Mizoram Govt to make PHC functional”

The Seven Sisters Post, 3 August 2012: Border PHC lying sick for 20 years,

The Tribune: “
Prez Intervenes to open PHC lying defunct for 20 yrs”

The Statesman: “Chakma Tribe wants proper Medical Care”

North East Today: “President asks Mizoram to activate Chakma Health Centre”

Kangla Online: “Primary Healthcentre lying defunct for the last 20 yrs in Mizoram”

The Meghalaya Times, 4 August 2012: President asks Mizoram to activate Chakma health centre,

The Shillong Times, 5 August 2012,: Mizoram PHC in Chakma region lies idle for 20 years,


Pluz Media:

Web India News:


The Shillong Times, 8 August 2012: “Poor health service in remote North East”

The Lawngtlai Post (Mizo), 7 Aug 2012: Boropansury PHC hmantheih thuai tur a hmalaturin hriattir,

The Mizoram Post, 5 August 2012:

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Press Release on Borapansury PHC

2 August 2012

Press Release

 Primary health Centre lying defunct for the last 20 years in Mizoram-

MCDF seeks Mizoram Health Minister’s intervention

New Delhi: Yesterday the Mizoram Chakma Development Forum (MCDF) sought the immediate intervention of Lalrinliana Sailo, Mizoram’s Health Minister to make a rural primary health centre (PHC) at Borapansury, CADC in Lawngtlai district functional.

The Borapansury PHC has been lying defunct for the last 20 years. The first PHC building was built 20 years ago but it was never made functional. It dilapidated and a new building was built in 2010 with staff quarters but as of date it is yet to start functioning.

“There is no doctor, no nurse, no staff, and no medicine. It is an empty building standing as a PHC (on official record) much to the chagrin of the local population,” stated MCDF petition which was sent to the Minister by fax.

“The neglect of the administration and the Health Department in particular towards the PHC at Borapansury is palpable. Due to lack of basic life saving drugs and healthcare staff at the PHC, many people, mostly children, women, aged persons and the poorest, die in this area of CADC each year. If functional with doctors, staff and medicines, the Borapansury PHC can cater to neighbourhood 17 villages having a combined population of more than 12,000 tribal people.”

MCDF demanded that the Health Minister take all necessary measures to immediately make the Boraponsury PHC fully functional; appoint at least two permanent MBBS doctors, nurses, staff, etc and provide life saving medicines; and make an announcement over the radio, TV and press about the operationalization of the Borapansury PHC so that the general public of the remote area can come to avail the healthcare facilities.



Borapansury is a border village, situated on the India-Bangladesh international border, within the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) in Lawngtlai district of Mizoram.

The Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Borapansury is the only PHC in the entire CADC. There is one Community Health Centre at headquarter Kamala Nagar apart from several health sub centres at different villages.

The Borapansury PHC has been lying non-functional for the last 20 years. As both the Mizoram government and the CADC government failed to make the PHC functional, on 26 July 2012 Mizoram Chakma Development Forum (MCDF) decided to launch a mass campaign involving the local people of CADC.

As part of the campaign, on 27 July, MCDF started an online petition ( which has so far received 244 signatures from India and across the world.

On 28 July, MCDF submitted a petition to the President of India’s Secretariat which registered the petition as PRSEC/E/2012/10311. On 1 August 2012, the President’s Secretariat transferred the petition to Mizoram Chief Secretary, Vanhela Pachuau, IAS, to take cognizance of it.

Press Coverage

>, 2 August 2012

> The Seven Sisters Post, 3 August 2012



For more media coverage, kindly visit:

On 27 July 2012, the Mizoram Chakma Development Forum started an online campaign to urge the Mizoram authorities, particularly Health Minister Lalrinliana Sailo, to immediately appoint doctors, staff at Borapansury Primary Health Centre which has been lying defunct for the last 20 years in CADC, Mizoram.
Recently, Mr Sailo had confirmed in the Mizoram Assembly that no doctor is posted at Borapansury PHC but he failed to initiate any further action on this.Image
Many people, mostly the poorest who cannot go to towns to receive medical care, die in this area each year due to lack of basic healthcare facilities. If functional with doctors, staff and medicines, the Borapansury PHC can cater to a neighbourhood of 17 villages having a combined population of more than 12,000 tribal people, MCDF’s petition claims.
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: With reference to The photograph of Raja Debashish Roy used in the global edition of “The Chakma Voice”, Vol-II, Issue No.4, Nov-Dec 2010, Pge No.9, the credit goes to Mr. Abeer Hoque. The photograph was taken in May 2010, Dhaka, Bangladesh. MCDF would like to thank Mr. Abeer Hoque for the photograph. 


Has the Chakmas’ population in Mizoram really increased ‘abnormally’ as alleged by certain quarters without providing any valid facts/evidence? This article deals with the Myths and Truths of the issue.

 MUST READ: The truth and myths of Chakma population in Mizoram

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MCDF’s latest Activity Report


The MCDF is happy to present is latest “Activity Report” of November 2010 to December 2011.

Read: MCDF Activities Nov 2010-Dec 2011

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The Chakma Voice-Global Edition 2011 released

24 April, 2012: After a long wait, The Chakma Voice- Global Edition 2011   is finally released online today.

This Issue provides several interesting facts on the “Chakmas”, a community less known and discovered. It contains, among others, Chakmas’ history, customs and culture, unknown facts about Dangu Baneshwar Chakma, a freedom fighter of India who is still surviving albeit unknown and uncared for, MCDF’s activities, activities of various Chakma students associations across India, and untapped talents of the Chakma youths.

The issue can be downloaded from here: The Chakma Voice-Global Edition2011

MCDF wishes you a happy reading!

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MBSE Class X result 2012

MCDF congratulates all the successful students of the MBSE Class X Examination and wish them all success in life. We have filtered the names of the Chakma students from the full list. The list includes Roll number, Name, Father’s Name and the marks obtained subject wise. It also includes the total marks and the division secured. The compartment subjects have also been mentioned in the list.

Please follow the link for detail Results:


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